SBVC Food Truck

A Mobile Learning Laboratory for Culinary Arts Students

About the truck

The SBVC Food Truck provides Culinary Arts students a training lab that doubles as a simulated food truck experience.

Culinary arts students will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare to be an accomplished professional in the hospitality industry. Our menu and food offerings are an extension of the student-run restaurant, The Sunroom, which is bistro-style burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, where everything is made from scratch and vegan/vegetarian options are available.

Danny Babin

Hello, I am Chef Danny Babin, I am the instructor for the Food Truck Restaurant and Catering Services course (CULART-012) here at San Bernardino Valley College. I invite anyone who is considering a career in the food truck industry to enroll in our 11-week course where you will be learning every aspect of the food truck industry, including getting hands-on knowledge by serving lunches on campus and experiencing food truck events from our very own Valley Food Truck!

I have been a culinary instructor here at Valley since 2017 and before that I was an instructor at The Art Institutes for three years. I am a military veteran, a culinary graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, a Certified Executive Chef as recognized by the American Culinary Federation, I have an MBA from Cal State Dominguez Hills, and I am currently working on my doctorate in Educational Leadership from Cal State San Bernardino. In addition, I have been a private chef for sorority houses for both USC and UCLA, executive chef of the Saddle Back Grill in Arrowhead, chef of Church and State in Los Angeles, and pastry chef at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Pasadena.

For three years before becoming an educator, I owned and operated a successful food truck, Haute Burger, out of Los Angeles. We were named besttruck in West L.A. 2014 and were involved in many special events, working for the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, 97.1’s The Woody Show, and Twenty-One Pilots. Having directly been in the food truck industry has allowed me to share those experiences with my students and makes for a learning environment that blends technical instruction with real-world applications.


Become a Food Truck Student

Corina Noel Vidales

Corina Noel Vidales

My career goal is to become a registered dietician, but this course has opened my eyes to actually want to have a side business of a food truck. Some of the skills I’ve learned working with the SBVC Food Truck is working in a big kitchen, then going to work in a smaller space and giving much quicker service. I would say to a prospective student to take this course. We learn to make things from scratch, we get to go across campus and meet people, and see how happy they are to eat the food you just prepared for them.

Dawson Ayon

Dawson Ayon

My grandpa was an executive chef in the army, and once he passed away a few years back, I took on wanting to be in the kitchen at all times. I’m studying Culinary Arts, and my career goal is to own my restaurant. This food truck course has taught me consistency in food, and working well in a team just to serve the best food you can to people. My favorite part of this course was how close we all became. We started off as classmates, but became really close friends afterward.

Brandon Roy

Brandon Roy

I’m studying Culinary Management to get out there and climb the field as much as I can, and to one day end up as a Sous Chef. I’ve been with Chef Babin for a year now, and I’ve learned more speed and precision cuts. This course has a lot of faster paced movements, so you have to be moving with a purpose.

Food Truck Course

[CULART-012-01: Internship III (Mobile Food Truck Catering Operations)]


The course is an instructional, laboratory-driven overview of the mobile food service industry with an emphasis on food truck menu design and execution, vehicle operations and maintenance, business operations and success strategies, career opportunities, and customer service. Topics include a brief history and description of industry segments emphasizing technology, ethics, leadership, teams, and service standards. This class is as hands-on and real as it gets. Students get to develop the menu, prepare all items from scratch, and operate lunch services for the public.

Prerequisites: CULART-225, CULART-010

Key Topics

  1. Mobile food service industry
  2. Mobile food preparation
  3. Mobile food service
  4. Mobile food business operation
  5. Mobile food truck maintenance
  6. Mobile food truck business development

Course Objectives

Objective of this class:

  • To be able to identify, operate, and maintain all equipment of a mobile food facility
  • To be able to understand and target the unique customer base for mobile food facilities
  • To be able to prepare and serve food from a mobile food facility in a safe and sanitary manner
  • To be able to achieve customer-centric service standards from a mobile food facility
  • To be able to identify career opportunities in the mobile food industry

Student Learning Outcomes

After completing this course:

  • The student will demonstrate how to operate every piece of equipment of a mobile food facility.
  • The student will demonstrate how to efficiently work every station/role of a mobile food facility.
  • The student will identify the importance of customer service within the mobile food industry.
  • Students will understand what it takes to become a mobile food service professional and the effort needed to be successful in the catering industry as a whole.

For more information on how to register, contact the Culinary Arts Department, or follow the step-by-step guide to enrollment at

Truck Locator

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